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  • Subject Lines that make an Impact

    You’ve compiled your mailing list, developed a smart campaign and created excellent email content. Shortly before dispatch you are faced with the decisive question: How should I frame the subject line? In moments like these it is important to keep a clear head. So sit down, lean back and enjoy the following five tips for click-friendly email hooks.

  • Welcoming Emails for new Newsletter Readers

    A simple “welcome” or “thanks” still seems to be something that remains difficult for some advertisers to say. Email marketers are also not immune to falling into the same old way of thinking either: sales, sales, sales. Sure, the sale of your products is one of your main goals. But new newsletter subscribers are often not quite ready for making purchases. Aspects such as the researching of products and comparing offers are frequently underestimated or neglected. A well written welcoming email gently brings your own brand closer to the reader. If the prospective buyer then decides on making a purchase, this form of brand loyalty may prove to be decisive.

Marc Bohnes

Marc Bohnes

Product Strategy Director