Episerver site awarded ”Best in class” Interactive Media Award

Goodman Theatre, The Four Seasons, Accenture and Lockheed & Martin were amongst the companies recognized in this year’s Interactive Media Awards (IMA).

Goodman Theatre - Pretty & Personal

Episerver Partner, Adage Technologies built the Goodman theatre website to inspire and inform audiences about the theatre’s world-class productions, programs and engagement opportunities. Apart from a beautiful design and stunning images, we particularly like how personalization has been used to allow web editors to target specific visitor groups with up-sell opportunities during the check-out process. By the same token web editors can easily target content to specific visitor groups and send out targeted event invites. For example pinpointing individuals that have donated more than a certain amount of money, or singling out visitors that have seen more than one show in the last 12 months.

Goodman Theatre homepage


Numbers talk

The award “Best in Class” represents the best in website planning, execution and overall professionalism. Goodman Theatre’s website received exceptional remarks in each judging criteria (design, content, feature functionality, usability and standards compliance) and earned 488 points of 500 possible.

Still, at the end of the day, the real measure of success is how a website is performing. Therefore, it is particularly pleasing to see that web traffic is up 50 %, while unique visitors and pageviews has increased 47 % and 30 % respectively.

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