Make cross-channel web experience your New Year resolution

Do you remember the last time you found a new website or a new product and made a purchase online straight away? Not likely these days as we've all perfected the art of 'shop around'.

And with the explosion of the Internet and social media, customers have more tools and resources than ever to compare prices, look up user reviews and decide whether to buy from you or your competitors.

While social media and mobile have provided marketers with new channels to communicate with customers, it also posed considerable challenge for your brand's consistency. You think of your channel strategy like website, Facebook page and mobile app as separate entity yet your customers see it as one big brand. So disparity across these channels only end up confusing them and diluting your brand message.

Rather than being everything to everyone, it's more important than ever before to help your customers on their terms. People don't buy from you the first time they meet you. You need to know how to leverage your marketing channels to provide a single customer view.

Know who your customers are

You need to have a good idea of who your customers are, it's the starting point for you to map out what content you need and which channel to invest in.

Help your customers find you

Once you know who they are, you can then decide which channel is best to reach them, be it your website, Facebook or mobile.

Interact with them

Establish an outpost at social channels that your customers are active in, provide personalized content base on what you know about them (geography, demography, source of arrival etc) and give them the chance to participate and feedback

Provide information when and where they need it

A good example is mobile. Mobile users are more likely to want quick information on location of store rather than your company history. Tailor your information in each channel and make it relevant for your customers.

Continue the dialogue

Put in appropriate resource to keep your website and social outpost fresh, nothing is worst than an outdated site or an empty Facebook page.

Measure and optimize

Don't forget to measure the success of your campaign against your objective. It's always better to drive traffic back to your site from social channels so you know what works and what didn't. 

For further inspiration and how to succeed in the world of multichannels (and multitouch), check out the video with our CMS product manager Allan Thraen and his view on the topic. And most importantly get the right platform to in place to support your cross-channel effort. In a time when every interaction is marketing, if it's difficult, time-consuming and hard to measure the ROI then it's not worth anyone's time.