Succeeding with customer experience management

Your information isn't only on your website, it's across the web. To be successful online, you need to consider the complete online spectrum.

You engage and meet with customers in many different settings. An overall understanding of the experience you give them  across your online (and offline) presence is vital for success. So, for modern organizations, the complete online spectrum must be managed. It is made up of four pillars - owned media, paid media, earned media and social media. Let's take them one by one.

First, you have your owned assets– your digital properties such as your website, your portals, customer service and your mobile solutions. All of this is material that you control and for most organizations, this is the foundation of their online presence and where the actual conversions happen.

Secondly, you have your paid media. These encompass the strategies you have for driving traffic to you site, i.e. Paid Search, ppc, advertising and banners.

Third, you have earned media. Examples here are affiliate marketing, PR or any great content or business partnerships that you develop and that ensures that other sites include and reference your content and drive traffic to your site. Usually, a good way to build credibility and ensure that you engage your ecosystem as much as possible.

Finally, you have social media. No longer a new kid on the block, but still many organizations are striving to define how they are going to use it and how to benefit. Approaching this with an embassy strategy is a good start. The key to making social media work for online commerce is setting out a strategy that enables engagement. To do this, social media networks need to be considered 'outposts' that drive awareness and create familiarity for your brand in the social sphere.

These outposts, like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, should be used to reach potential buyers and then pull them back to your site, where you can control the content and concentrate on conversion. The chances of reaching your audience can be enhanced by ensuring it's possible for people to share social objects - like links to Twitter, product recommendations or blogs - via your site.

Online Spectrum


Online spectrum

Source: Edelman Digital, David Armano

A boundary-less online presence

So, a marketer's goal should be to have a consistent message and value proposition across multiple channels and create a boundary-less online presence. Inspiration on how it is done can be viewed in the recently recorded interview, where Bob Egner says to CMS Wire that you need to give people the information they need to learn about you and your product(s). If you do this well, the result will be that your customers will get a reason to come back to your website and buy from you.

A good start  is to evaluate how you manage these four areas and then invest and improve where you need to. Great customer experience management is a longterm commitment, not a quick fix.