B2B eCommerce: A Strategy for Growth

This white paper demonstrates that the business upside to B2B e-commerce is fundamental: an effective B2B e-commerce platform allows companies to sell more at a lower cost and transform sales efficiency.

Online sales and customer care is on the rise, and it's not only in the consumer retail market. Business buyers expect a great online experience when researching and purchasing.

Delaying the launch of a B2B e-commerce strategy may leave a company trailing aggressive competitors who are looking to cut cost of sales while increasing customer convenience, customer loyalty and margins.

This white paper offers practical and actionable advice to all B2B businesses looking to develop an online strategy to increase sales efficiencies and better serve current customers.

B2B-ecommerce-thumb.pngYou will learn:

    • How consumerization trends have raised the bar in business buyer expectations
    • How to align your people, processes and technology to give buyers a smooth purchase experience
    • Key take-aways learned from years of experience in the B2C market, applied to B2B
    • A step-by-step guide to launching an e-commerce strategy and action plan
    • Real examples and case studies from Episerver B2B e-commerce customers

Download the report now to find out more. Alternatively, read our blogposts on '6 Critical Steps to Succeed in B2B E-commerce' or 'How to Drive Growth with B2B Commerce'.


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