How to Become a 10x Marketer

It’s no secret marketing departments are under pressure to deliver more, quicker. Join this webinar, and Scott Brinker, to discover how tech-savvy marketers get 10 times the results.

Scott Brinker PortraitOver the last decade, marketing has shifted from large “showcase” campaigns to an agile model of continuous, smaller campaigns. These campaigns are vital to connect with customers at key moments on their path to purchase.

This new reality means companies of all sizes must transform by realigning people, technology, systems and processes to become more agile. They must reach and convert more customers faster and at lower cost. Join Episerver and Scott Brinker, editor of and author of the recently published Hacking Marketing, in an exciting webinar about the future of marketing technology. We will discuss:

  • How to leverage your marketing technology and deliver 10x the results
  • Using big testing, rather than big data, to innovate and outperform your competitors

On-demand webinar