Move your websites to the Episerver cloud service

Learn from your peers who already migrated and hear about benefits you enjoy when shifting to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service.



We share the learnings from Episerver and Ektron on-prem and managed services customers who moved to our Cloud Service. You will hear about their conversion paths, what their challenges were and how they have benefitted from the move.

We also cover how the Cloud Service allows you to spend more time innovating and improving your customers’ digital experiences and spend less time maintaining your sites. We explain how you avoid excess licensing and infrastructure while retaining availability and keeping your site more secure than ever before. And you see how you can get instant access to new Episerver features and capabilities. 

Agenda highlights:

  • Pay for what you use – Our cloud service license model is simple and predictable: run as many sites and servers as you like, you pay for what you use.
  • Create all your websites in the cloud – Manage all your campaign websites and microsites from the same platform without additional costs
  • Guaranteed availability and auto-scaling Security – Episerver is at the forefront of cyber security with remarkably strong cyber-attack mitigations and proven security processes are built-in
  • Easily add new features and products – Stay ahead and benefit from new functionality
  • What is the scope of moving to the cloud?
  • Customers who made the move – Reasoning for the move, conversion paths and results


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Daniel Browne

Daniel Browne 
Cloud Sales Solution Architect




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