On-demand webinar

The three secrets to B2B ecommerce success – with Justin King

Watch this webinar where Justin King, B2B thought leader and President of B2X Partners, joins us to discuss the three things B2B companies need to succeed with ecommerce.

“B2B ecommerce is different from B2C, so we need our own best practices,” Justin says. “B2B companies have more complex products, customers and ordering processes. However, if manufacturers and distributors can balance this complexity with unique and engaging customer experiences, they can create incredible opportunities.”

You will hear Justin discuss how to develop a B2B ecommerce strategy, select the right technology and create customer-centric experiences. He shows how companies have overcome complexity to get big results with revenue, channel adoption and loyalty.

You will also see how the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud can help you make Justin’s ideas a reality.

Ed Kennedy, Senior Director of Commerce, presents Episerver’s platform for digital content, commerce and marketing, powered by artificial intelligence. He demonstrates how you can use Episerver’s tools to personalize buying experiences for B2B customers and increase average order values. Learn how you can:

  • Provide smarter site search results to B2B customers
  • Move inventory with targeted campaigns
  • Personalize content and product recommendations
  • Empower your B2B salesforce with digital commerce solutions

About Justin King

As a leading B2B ecommerce expert, Justin King helps manufacturers and distributors develop ecommerce strategies. When he was chief evangelist for B2B ecommerce at Oracle, his strategy increased B2B ecommerce revenue from 3% to 50% in three years. He is now President of the agency B2X Partners and founder of eCommerceandB2B.com.