Mobile Digital Experience for Financial Service

Consumers expect more of the experiences from their financial service providers. How can you evolve your digital strategies to close that gap, and take the lead in customer experience? Read this report to find out.

We have surveyed consumers in the US and the UK about their experiences with their financial services providers: banks, credit card providers, and personal finance apps. The results are very clear: consumers compare these services with other retailers, and find that their financial retailers doesn’t stack up.FS surveyed

We have also compared 40 of the leading financial service providers in the US and UK, and rated them on the quality of their digital experiences. We find that many of them struggle, to some extent based on complex purchasing decisions as well as security considerations, but we also see some that rise above the others.

Download the Future of Finance report to learn:

  • Who are the leaders and laggers in terms of mobile finance experience in the US and UK
  • Why complex security login are hampering the adoption of mobile sites and apps
  • How leading financial service providers use separate mobile apps to simplify the user experience
  • The use of content to guide visitors through the complex buyer journey


Mobile Finance Report 2016