How to stop bluffing
about data-driven

Using AI to meet rapidly
increasing customer

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Is data like sex?

“Big data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody
really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is
doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.”
- Dan Ariely, Behavioral Economist

We know data
can seem boring.
And difficult.


But the good
news is...


You don‘t have to bluff any more.

Behind all of the hype and empty talk about
data-driven marketing, you can be one of the
few who actually does it well.

And you need to be doing it, because
a change is coming.

We are in what Avinash Kaushik
calls a ‘camel to cars moment’.

Saudi Arabia saw massively fast
modernization. In just a few years.
The country went from camels to cars.

Most companies aren‘t doing it right.
They are just using data to make
“the camels they are riding go a little faster.”

So how can you be different?
You can become...

A learner.
Wait, did that not
sound cool enough?
You can be...

assisted learner

Because for marketers, for brands, and for
companies, learning is the new KPI.
Ask yourself...

  • How much more do I know about my visitors
    than last month?
  • Why do they interact with us?
  • Can I predict their behavior based on our data?

And most importantly...

What have I
done about it?

This is actually where AI makes
learning and acting on that
knowledge so much easier.

Take a look at the math:

An unstoppable team

AI You
great at learning from
huge amounts of data.
great at problem solving
and decision making
(except maybe on Monday mornings)

So how do you become an
AI-assisted learner?

You need to balance your inner-scientist
with your inner-teenager.

As a scientist, you need to form hypotheses,
test them out and make changes based on
the findings.

As a teenager, you need to experiment a lot.
Listen to the stories your data is telling you,
and start trying stuff out.

While you are doing that, your artificial
intelligence will also be learning.
You can use artificial intelligence to:

1. Discover where each visitor is in their
customer journey and what they are trying to
accomplish when interacting with you.

2. Provide individualized experiences in
real time using content and content
recommendations based on visitor data.

3. Automatically determine the next best
action for visitors, such as offers and CTAs,
that includes multiple devices and channels.

For marketers, brands and
companies, the ability to learn fast
will dictate who wins.

And AI-assisted learners will be
leading the pack.

It would be selfish for you to keep
all of this knowledge to yourself.

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