4 Steps of Personalization for Marketers

Personalization: it’s not just for ecommerce sites anymore. For marketers looking to create the best possible experiences for their consumers, personalization is the next frontier in digital strategy, increasing conversion rates by 39%.

In this on-demand webinar, Episerver’s ecommerce strategist, Ed Kennedy, highlights customers that are successfully personalizing their online shopping experiences, the results they’re producing, and how you can implement personalization on your website, whether ecommerce or content-driven, using a four-staged approach.

The Four Stages of Personalization will feature Episerver customer case studies including:

  1. Crawl – Creating a guided experience using self-selection
  2. Walk – Using personas-based segmentation
  3. Run – Applying machine learning
  4. Fly – Combining all methods of personalization for Individualization and “predicting” the experience


Ed Kennedy

Senior Director Commerce | Episerver

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