Align DX with Your Business Type

Digital success starts with knowing your organizational type. This webinar with SiriusDecisions explores the 3 key business models and how organizations can improve digital experience based on their competency.


Every business should be about making the most effective use of resources to maximize results. Yet the digital strategies of companies often involve scooping up a handful of functionality and throwing it at the dartboard to see what sticks.

It is time to revisit your digital business model so that you can choose the functionality and processes that work best for your business type. Planning your digital presence around your actual business type will lead to increased efficiency and better experiences for your customers.

In this webinar, global research and advisory firm SiriusDecisions and Episerver explain:

  1. The three digital business types: Digital First, Digital Support and Digital Hybrid.
  2. How to assess your digital business type.
  3. Based on your digital business type, how to effectively link your digital objectives with your organizational capabilities and customer touchpoints.
  4. How other companies have succeeded by creating a clearer digital strategy based on their digital business type.

Watch now to discover what your business type is and download a copy of the SiriusDecisions Digital Type Assessment handout.



Gil Canare

Gil Carnare

Research Director



Bob Egner

VP Product Management


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