Webinar Recording: Close the Loop for Digital Commerce

Watch the recording and learn how to manage content, digital marketing and e-commerce in one place to reduce customer struggle

Marketers and merchandizers have so far worked in different worlds, where customers have struggled with disjointed experiences, and the full potential of omni-channel commerce has been hard to realize.

In this webinar, we will talk you through how to deliver a simplified digital customer experience that drives sales and increases customer loyalty. In this webinar we showcase how Episerver helps unite marketers and merchandizers, offering a single interface to manage all your content and products in one place. We will also share success stories from leading e-commerce companies.


  • An e-commerce site in 90 days — why time-to-value is key and how Episerver helps you achieve it
  • Close the gap between marketing and e-commerce — how drag-and-drop solves your marketing and merchandizing challenges
  • Integrations are half the story — take the risk and cost out of the crucial connections to your back-end systems with pre-built connectors
  • Consumer expectations are rising – use the Cloud to adapt to the needs of tomorrow's customers, better, and faster


Bob Egner

VP Product Management


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