Making Peace Between IT and Marketing Through Better ...

Getting your departments to play nice during a large eCommerce build can be a daunting task. But it can be done!


Do these problems sound familiar?

  • "The website that IT built is difficult to use, and it takes me 2 weeks to get a change made".
  • "Marketing went off and built the eCommerce site without even talking to us and now it won’t talk to any of our other business systems".
  • Your website is one of the key tools for the work of BOTH marketing and IT. While technology projects have classically fallen in IT’s domain, marketing plays a key role in a successful eCommerce site.

In this webinar, Episerver and Brilliance Business Solutions uncover the roots behind this problem, and share how peace between marketing and IT (plus better results online) is possible.

You will learn:

  • Why the conflict between marketing and IT exists in every organization
  • 6 tips for getting Marketing and IT to work together
  • 4 ways you can save money and improve sales if IT and marketing are on the same page



Lori McDonald

President & CEO

Brilliance Business Solutions


The lessons that guide McDonald’s success began on a launching pad, when she served as part of the team that put NASA’s Space Shuttle missions into orbit. McDonald transitioned from space science to web development and founded Brilliance to offer elegant solutions for complex development problems. As a Microsoft Certified Professional and recognized industry expert, McDonald speaks often on eCommerce trends and topics.


David Bowen

Director, Product Management for Commerce




David is an experienced product director for Episerver's innovative Digital Commerce solutions. Involved in the e-commerce industry since the late 90s, with a range of experience having had various roles at system implementers; defining, guiding and delivering successful large scale commerce solutions for mid-size and global enterprises. He is responsible for driving Episerver's Digital Commerce product roadmap globally.

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