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Only 7% of shoppers believe brands customize the online shopping experience very well. The reason ecommerce marketers are failing at using real-time personalization seems to be a combination of personalization being perceived as hard to do and the abundance of tools needed to make personalization happen.


Hassle-free email marketing personalization

When it comes to personalizing your content in real-time in Episerver, you don’t have to struggle. The Episerver Personalization suite enables you to present truly individualized content and product selections in multiple channels, without complicated configuration. 

Boost the performance of all your email campaigns

In this webinar we focus on how you can personalize product recommendations in all of your email types cascading from prospecting emails to abandon basket, abandon browse, abandon form-fill, through to post purchase and customer nurturing.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What is personalization, really?
  • How Episerver support you on your journey to personalization nirvana
  • How to easily personalize emails in real-time with Episerver Reach
  • How to easily implement Episerver Reach
  • How other Episerver customers excelled using Episerver Reach


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