Episerver is built with flexible integration in mind, providing many options for extending your solutions and make it communicate with external systems, for instance CRM, ERP, DAM and PIM systems.

There are numerous integration points available supporting many state-of-the-art integration techniques.

Numerous ready-to-use add-ons available from the Episerver Add-on Store and Episerver World.

Ready-to-use providers for central areas:

  • BLOB management (assets/media)
  • Membership/role/profile
  • Content
  • Search
  • Cloud services
  • Event management
  • Localization

Build your own customized add-on and integrate it with the plug-in areas of Episerver:

  • Gadgets added to the dashboard and editing side panels.
  • Customized administration views in the administrator interface.
  • Scheduled jobs to run your own customized batch updates.
  • Add your own or third-party items to the global menu.
  • Customized visitor group criteria for personalizing content.
  • Dynamic content for inline elements in rich text.
  • Blocks used in content areas and rich text, or as properties.

Content integration using a content provider, or through content channels and web services.

Plug in to the Episerver user interface to create your own custom components.

Build a custom integration by creating your own .NET-based component.

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