Mobile Commerce 2013: What Consumers Really Want?

Find out what consumers want from mobile and take inspirations from successful retailers on how to deliver the perfect mobile commerce strategy

Mobile commerce is no longer a trend, or even just an opportunity; it is quickly becoming a new standard for consuming content. The study presents findings of a survey of 1,000 consumers to gauge the expectations of mobile shoppers, which are then compared with the benchmark assessment of the top UK retailers’ mobile websites and apps to see just how many are meeting the expectations of today’s increasingly mobilised consumer. The retailers were benchmarked across a number of criteria regarding their mobile offering, spanning native apps, mobile sites, tablet offering and rated on speed, key functionality and ease of use.

The top performing retailers were:

  1. Debenhams - 90%
  2. Expedia, Argos - 85%
  3. Tesco – 80%
  4. Amazon UK – 80%
  5. IKEA – 74%
  6. ASOS – 72%
  7. John Lewis, Topshop – 71%
  8. ASDA – 68%

Download the 2013 benchmark report now to find out which retailers are getting it right and what you can learn from them to develop and deliver an effective mobile strategy.

Companies who've downloaded this report include:

Debenhams * Ted Baker * Sears * Google

eBay * Burberry * Tesco * Boots

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