Marketing and IT in Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management is fast becoming the core pillar of effective marketing. This new emphasis on the way marketers build, access and use data is creating new ways of working. In particular, their relationship with IT.

A data-focused strategy is changing the relationship that marketing professionals have with information technology (IT). As the owners of data and those with the skills to manage it, IT professionals are starting to see their role become more visible to other departments within the organisation. A much closer relationship between IT and marketing looks to be essential.

To gauge how the industry is coping with this shift, we surveyed 100 marketing decision makers and 110 IT decision makers. We explored their approaches to digital strategies, the role of data and how both IT and marketing are tackling the challenges a data-led approach is presenting.

  • IT indicate their desire to be involved in driving digital growth alongside their marketing counterparts, whilst marketing largely believe this is not necessary across many areas of the web strategy.
  • 79% of IT professionals believe they work collaboratively with marketing, but only 58% of marketing professionals believe this is the case

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