Leading global brands are moving en masse from Sitecore to Episerver Content Cloud

Leading global brands have already ditched Sitecore and made the jump to Episerver. From banks and insurers to public sector entities and non-profits, more organizations realize that Episerver offers the only platform to deliver truly customer-centric digital experiences. Here are just a few of the examples:

Carestream had major issues with Sitecore upgrades

Previously Carestream had been running a combination of SAP Hybris and Sitecore. They switched over to Episerver due to what they perceived as a vastly superior user experience and major issues they had been experiencing with upgrades. They also needed regular updates and a scalable system, which Episerver delivered. Following their spin-off from Carestream Health into their own entity Episerver enabled them to do more with less resources.

Migrate to Episerver and pay nothing until you’re live

SRS Distribution could not operationalize Sitecore

SRS Distribution originally purchased Sitecore but could not to operationalize due to a costly Sitecore project. They implemented Episerver Commerce Cloud solution for less than half of the license cost of Sitecore. This coupled with B2B ecommerce self-service features like account information, order history, delivery details, and targeted information based on weather made it an easy decision.

Migrate to Episerver and pay nothing until you’re live


Boxon struggled with user adoption of Sitecore

Boxon was struggling with user adoption of Sitecore, reportedly due to usability issues. They also wanted a single platform for Commerce and CMS. They found Episerver’s ability to optimize the onsite customer experience with artificial intelligence, along with the ability to deliver marketing automation with personalized messaging driven by the same technology. These successes were only possible because of Episerver’s Digital Experience Platform, with its feature-rich and easy-to-use interface and high return on investment.

Migrate to Episerver and pay nothing until you’re live


Inpro found Sitecore's user interface complex

Inpro chose to move away from Sitecore CMS because of its complex user interface and inability to utilize the promised marketing tools. Their desire to add B2B commerce led them to seek another solution and while they initially considered their current platform’s new commerce solution, selected Episerver as a more powerful and easier to use alternative.

Migrate to Episerver and pay nothing until you’re live