Episerver Kurs

Få mest mulig ut av Episerver med personlige kurs og sertifisering

Episerver gir deg helårstilgang til kontinuerlig oppdaterte lærings- og sertifiseringsmateriell. Alle kurs kan ledsages av intruktør og innhold kan skreddersys i henhold til din rolle- erfaring og læringsmål.

How do you learn best?

We serve the unique learning styles and circumstances of you and your team. That’s why we offer a selection of course formats, including a personalized option entirely tailored to your requirements. Find out what format is best for you.

Helping you to come back stronger

Episerver is pleased to announce that we will be making all of our online, eLearning free until June 30th 2020. Episerver is committed to supporting our customers and partners during these unprecedented times. One of the ways we can do this, is by ensuring that you have the skills and knowledge to maximise your existing tools and capabilities. Courses will be available for 30 days from the date of enrolment.

Training tailored to your needs

We also offer additional customization options, according to the specific learning requirements of your organization and individual team members. Book a consultation and let our experienced instructors design and deliver exactly what you need.

Why choose Episerver Education

  • Adapted learning

    We help you chart a relevant learning pathway from day one - based on your role, experience, goals, and learning style with different levels of customization.
  • Expert instructors

    Our training is produced and delivered by a full-time staff of experienced instructors. You benefit whether you select a self-paced or instructor-led format.
  • Year-round access

    No more cramming. Our curated course content is accessible year-round on a subscription basis so you can feel free to learn and review at your own pace.
  • Always updated

    A training subscription lets you stay up to speed with new product features and releases, and gain access to the latest course content as soon as it’s available.
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Let's get in touch!

Do you have a specific training question? Perhaps you want to discuss the content of one of our courses? Or, maybe you are ready to sign up? We are happy to guide you to find just the training you need.

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