Episerver Improves Marketing Agility with Episerver 7.1 CMS

Platform delivers unique customer experiences and traffic from social networks without lengthy upgrade

Chicago, Illinois, April 4, 2013: Episerver, a global software provider for innovative ecommerce and digital marketing solutions, today announced the release of Episerver 7.1 CMS, a .NET content management system designed to allow ecommerce and digital marketing professionals to adapt to ever-changing market conditions and generate business value.  Building on the success and flexibility of Episerver 7 CMS, the newly available version is offered via a 1-click upgrade available through the Episerver add-on store. This provides unparalleled agility for marketers to deploy new innovative features, including multivariate testing and social message scheduling, with minimal IT involvement.  

The new multivariate test feature is intelligent. It learns over time which versions of content convert best and automatically presents those best performing options more frequently. This allows marketers to optimize the customer experience with less effort. With the updated .NET CMS, marketers are able to focus on high value tasks like better understanding visitor behavior and conversions, rather than spending time setting up tests, monitoring and interpreting results.

A new version of Episerver Social Reach is also available through the add-on store. Social Reach drives traffic from social media to owned media and connects the content creation process with social media communication. The add-on allows for social messages to be created, scheduled, delivered and tracked within a single interface. By removing many small steps such as publishing content in social networks, creating shortened URLs, and adding analytic tracking tags, marketers become more agile in increasing traffic to their sites.

"We hear about a variety of unique business problems from our customers, but there is a common theme. They all need to get more results, with a better understanding of those results, with less effort," said Bob Egner, VP Product Management at Episerver. "That's the hidden power of the Episerver 7 platform add-on store. With this update, we've made it easy to add several new and valuable features without a migration project. And those new features lead to better understanding and better results in an easier way."

The latest platform includes additional features designed to aid global midsize enterprises. More information on Episerver 7 CMS is available here. 

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VP of Global Marketing
Phone: +46 73 852 17 52

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