Data privacy is important to all our customers, and especially to those operating in industries like banking and financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and the public sector. We understand what's at stake, and always operate in a highly secure and consistent manner while handling your information.

At the core of Episerver’s solutions, you as a customer have control over your own digital information. This includes the information you need to access in order to meet data privacy and compliance requirements.

We at Episerver have limited access to the data we process on your behalf in connection with our services. We do not access customer data for any reasons unrelated to the operation and maintenance of our solutions.

The level of trust we’ve earned from our customers over the years comes from our parallel commitment to maintaining and continuously improving privacy controls and customer support.

You can read more on this subject in the Episerver Privacy Policy, which applies to all personal data received by Episerver in the United States and in the European Union in any tangible and/or electronic medium.