How to win with Epi and B2B marketplaces

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How to win with Epi B2B and Marketplaces

Manufacturers and distributors are facing heightened pressure from B2B marketplaces. Should you begin selling on them? Should you try to compete with them? One thing is certain: you should not ignore them.

Business buyers are using marketplaces for the same basic reasons we rely on marketplaces in our personal lives. Marketplaces give business buyers visibility into a diverse range of products, customer reviews and pricing comparisons. 

Join us on-demand for a discussion with Nate Barad, Sr. Director of Product Marketing and Josh Schoonmaker, Sr. Product Strategy Director on “How to win with Epi B2B and Marketplaces.”



Key takeaways from this webinar

  • What buyers are doing in the marketplaces and why we should strategize for them
  • Answer whether they are here to help us or hurt us
  • Top strategies and practices to make the most out of a marketplace
  • Where to start after this presentation


Josh Schoonmaker

Senior Director of Strategy & Commerce


Nate Barad

Director, Product Marketing