SEO Manager for Episerver

The most powerful marketing instrument on the Internet is Google but your site probably isn't ranked as high as it could be. The SEO Manager for Episerver manages your URLs and optimizes your Google ranking.

Improved search engine ranking

SEO Manager optimizes your complete SEO through URL management, thereby improving your ranking in Google searches and guiding visitors to your content. Episerver already offers a state-of-the-art content management system to help you create the best possible content for your site. SEO Manager makes sure that customers and visitors will find it.

URL Management with minimal effort

All web sites are alive. Whether you switch to a new site, or make small changes over time, you want your ranking in search engines to remain or increase. With SEO Manager it does. By managing your URLs the SEO Manager gives your site best possible ranking in search results while eliminating the problem of duplicate content.

The SEO Manager Add-On optimizes the URL structure of a site through various operations, such as canonical URLs and automatic 301 redirects. The user can now rename, move or even erase pages without harming the searchability of the site.

Get full effect from your SEO

 For many businesses the website is the main channel for external communication and a lot of time is spent on optimizing the content for search engines. What many tend to forget is that content based SEO can actually result in decreased search engine ranking - the exact opposite of what the company was hoping for. The reason is that renamed or moved pages will have a negative effect on your URLs as well as on links from other sites. SEO Manager handles these aspects and makes your optimization more complete.

Features in SEO Manager:

  • Ensures that moved pages are always found and indexed correctly
  • Allows you to rename pages without losing ranking
  • Remembers the URL history of a page and automatically links to the current version
  • Allows you to show correct and relevant information on your 404 page
  • Creates a canonical URL for pages that can be reached from several URLs (for example duplicate pages and language variants)
  • Handles multiple friendly URLs per page
  • Optimizes Episervers URL structure for search engines
  • Links removed pages to relevant content or presents them as dynamic 404s
  • Optimizes the results in Google Analytics
  • Sustains links from other web sites forever

SEO manager for Episerver has two license versions

SEO Manager has two different licenses - a full version and a free trial version. The full license for production use includes 1 year of software maintenance and support. With the trial license you can download SEO Manager for free and test the Add-On and its functionality on your stage server or test site for 30 days.

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