Agility Multichannel – PIM

Agility gives Episerver Commerce users the power to integrate all product data, internal or external, into a single trustworthy view.

Agility’s flexibility and functionality are unrivaled, and so is its usability, with a ground-breaking interface that couldn’t be simpler or more intuitive. Agility has all the centralized authoring, approval and analyst tools needed for the most efficient delivery of product data to all commerce channels including web, mobile, tablet, marketplaces, sales teams, call center, store, email, flyers and catalogues.


Key strengths of Agility PIM for Episerver Commerce customers

  • Unique Agility Modular Interface (AMI) provides tailored, highly efficient and easy-to-use Workspaces for all roles and users
  • Out-of-box Workspaces optimized for Product Managers, Merchants, Content Managers, e-Commerce, Translators, Vendors, et al
  • Multichannel previews in “channel context” for enrichment and approval process
  • Workflows that are simple to set up and use
  • Data Integration (DI) tool kit for mass uploads, data profiling, cleansing and monitoring
  • Business Intelligence (BI) tool kit for reporting and visual analytics
  • Unique, in-depth support for Adobe Creative Cloud for print and mobile Apps
  • Ease of adoption, short time to go live
  • Scalability: customers are global, ranging from 5 to 500 users
  • Current users managing from <1,000 SKUs to >1 million SKUs
  • Language support: some Agility users support 50 different languages and countries
  • Award winning, robust, highly flexible & proven PIM for Commerce software
  • Partnership & verified integration with Episerver




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