Episerver Social Reach

Episerver Social Reach enables you to use a single interface to tailor socialized and personalized content across social channels, including Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.

In today's world, businesses are required to use multiple social channels to engage with audiences. Unfortunately, using several platforms to duplicate content can yield inefficiencies.

Improving ROI on content creation

Episerver's Social Reach removes these inefficiencies by providing a single platform that allows for the seamless integration of channels. The ability to socialize your content and tear down the boundaries between your site and social media has a positive impact on your ROI for content creation. Socialize your content for direct or scheduled sharing in social channels by simple settings on-page in the Episerver platform. The message can be adapted to each channel, with the result that you optimize the success of your social media campaigns.

Drive traffic and increase conversion rates

Episerver Social Reach allows marketers to communicate efficiently and consistently across social networks. By enabling marketers to use a single interface to tailor socialized and personalized content across multiple social channels and removing the boundaries between the site and public social networks, Social Reach maximizes the value of multichannel digital marketing through increased traffic and conversion rates.

Real-time tracking

Social Reach also features campaign tracking functionality to include channel-specific measurements such as retweets, comments and likes, as well as supporting Google Analytics in order to track overall conversions, to quickly see the results and ROI of the social media communication.

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Available through the Episerver Add-on Store

Social Reach is available for one-click installation through the Episerver Add-on Store for Episerver 7.1 and 7.5 CMS users. 

Social Reach for Episerver CMS 6 R2 can be downloaded here. (Requires Episerver World login)