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As an Episerver Add-on partner, brings specific expertise in translation and globalization by providing services and solutions that extend the capabilities of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™.

GlobalLink Connect for Episerver, first established in 2010, allows global marketers to easily launch and maintain multilingual content without ever leaving the platform. GlobalLink Connect supports the latest version of Episerver CMS and Episerver Commerce, as well as versions dating back since the integration was first built. also offer GlobalLink Connect adaptors for various PIMs, marketing automation systems, databases and other backend repositories.

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Translating content has never been easier. GlobalLink connect allows you to:

  • Alternate seamlessly between human and machine translation.
  • Submit any file format for translation.
  • Translate online and offline content using similar processes


Businesses are growing rapidly. Your content should keep up with it. GlobalLink Connect makes that possible when you can:

  • Deploy global content faster.
  • Eliminate manual file export, cutting and pasting.
  • Reduce in-country review effort by reviewing in context.


You shouldn’t have to break the bank to communicate effectively. GlobalLink Connect provides a clear-cut ROI with the abilities to:

  • Reduce internal and external translation costs.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with multiple suppliers.
  • Manage quotes, approvals, and workflows in one place.


Translating content has never been easier. GlobalLink connect allows you to:

  • Make decisions based on real-time business intelligence reporting.
  • Visually model translation workflows using contextual intelligence.
  • Manage your brand and your terminology.
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