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As marketers, you’ve spent lots of time ramping up email capabilities, building great website content and targeting your visitors with the CRM. But all this technology exists as independent islands. Now is the time to pull it together

Leveraging the power of marketing automation and web content management, Episerver Connect for IBM Marketing Cloud helps marketers effectively manage their online presence and deliver timely, relevant content to their target audience across every channel and device. The connector offers unparalleled competitive advantages for companies to advance their omnichannel stance.

Centralized Content and Email Management

Expedite your time to market

Increase marketing agility by creating content once and publish across channels and systems. Drag and drop content and products to create landing pages, mobile campaigns and dynamic emails in Episerver CMS, and get the approved email templates send out directly to your targeted database via the IBM Marketing Cloud connector without the need to switch between systems. This eliminates the need to duplicate content creation and ensures your brand message is always consistent in every channel.

Publish email from EPi to Silverpop

Integrated Personalization Across Channels

Holistic experience made possible

Single customer view: Traditional marketing automation only allow one way flow of data, making it difficult to get a full picture of your customer’s journey. But with the connector, it enables two-way flow of customer data between Episerver and IBM Marketing Cloud by utilizing the Single Identity Tracker to give you a single view of your customers’ behavior across channels.

Personalized content for every touch point: With single customer views and integrated behavioural data, you can personalize the cross channel experience with Episerver Visitor Groups from website, email, social to mobile, and take full control of the end to end customer journey for improved relevancy and conversion

Customer Database Management

Automated list management
As you know, not all prospects are immediately ready to buy. But when they are, you want to make sure your brand is top of mind. By automating and integrating data collection and list management capabilities between Episerver and IBM Marketing Cloud. This enable prospects to learn and interact at their pace, all while being guided down your sales funnel by educating them about your product and company.

And with progressive profiling and lead scoring, you have a full picture of where your prospects are in the sales funnel and be able targeted them with the most relevant content across channel to engage and convert.

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