Add-ons: OrderDynamics

Distributed order management from OrderDynamics reduces the complexity of managing omnichannel customer orders and retail fulfillment, it helps you provide a seamless shopping experience and optimizing operational efficiency.

Intelligent distributed order management

Simplify the order lifecycle with a flexible, intelligent approach to processing and routing orders across your retail network:

  • Accurate order processing - orchestrate your omnichannel orders through a flexible workflow
  • Flexible rules configuration - be in full control of your orders from fraud rules to tax rate calculations and shipping methods
  • Intelligent order routing - optimize your margin with order fulfillment that automatically determines the best possible stock location for fulfillment.

Grow your omnichannel revenue with full inventory visibility

Simplify your process of connecting global demand to your cross-channel supply

  • Single view of inventory - get accurate, real-time inventory information to meet your promised delivery dates and make smarter fulfillment decisions
  • Dynamic safety stock - create stock rules and let users determine specific inventory availability on a store-by-store basis
  • Real-time allocation - prevent overselling and underselling with a flexible inventory allocation workflow

Optimized store fulfillment

Transform your stores into localized distribution center to support faster delivery and increase customer convenience.  

  • Product fulfillment workflow: lets retail associates deliver any type of customer order such as buy online - pick up in store, or ship to or from store
  • Invoice and shipping label printing: empower store associates to print customer invoice and packing slips that enable rapid picking with product SKUs and images
  • Remedial actions: re-route orders easily to another store for product fulfillment with the click of a button

Increase loyalty with great customer service

The post-purchase experience is crucial to drive loyalty and repeat purchases. Personalize and delight customers with a robust set of customer service tools

  • Intuitive call center interface: gain a single view of your customer's purchase history with OrderDynamics' native CRM system
  • Returns and exchanges: quickly generate returns or exchanges, and seamlessly manage stock reallocation, email notifications, payment refunds and more
  • Case ticket management: track and manage all inbound customer emails and phone calls with an efficient case ticket management

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