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Screen9 Video for Episerver - OVP

Screen9 video for Episerver enables you to easily upload and publish live and on-demand video on your website to improve your communication and drive engagement with your target audience. This Addon has been certified by Episerver to ensure a trouble free integration and smooth user experience.

Benefits with Video

Video conveys more information than both text and images. It grabs the viewers attention, is engaging and lets you get your point across in less time. Viewers also recall up to six times more information from a video than from a text. Video is commonly used for marketingbranding, inspiration, onboarding, tutorials, how-tos and other educational usages.

Video for Episerver

With Screen9 video for Episerver, managing and publishing video becomes easy through a seamless plug-and-play integrationVideo can be upload in a variety of ways such as drag-and-drop, App uploads, DAM synchronization, FTP uploads or through live streaming. Video is automatically transcoded to work on all devices in a variety of formats up to 8K to enable true adaptive streaming for an optimal viewing experience. Publishing is done with the click of a button inside EpiserverBoth on-demand video and live video supports 360 degree video.

Eco System

All video is stored in the Screen9 online video platform (OVP). Screen9 offers connections to a variety of other services and platforms to streamline workflow and simplify management of video assets. Content can be synchronized with DAMs, PIMs, made available in Sharepoint or in other CMSs, published on social networks and imported from content creation platforms. There are also connectors to analytics services and single sign-on add-ons. The platform comes with open APIs giving developers the power to create more connectors to Screen9 for accessing and manipulating content. 


  • Easy Integration with Episerver
  • Live and on-demand video
  • 360° video
  • True adaptive streaming
  • Scheduled publication and de-publication
  • Video trimming
  • Metadata, categories, tags, properties
  • Search and filter
  • Security
  • Import, export, synchronize and download video
  • Analytics
  • Support 

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