Semantix — a simple solution for website translation

Have you ever spent hours copying and pasting translated content to your web site? Or have you given translators access to your CMS only to find that they have changed formatting or not translated all text properties? Now there is a better way to handle translations.

Semantix translation add-on makes your life easier and saves both time and money. With our tool you can take control over your web translation process.

Export content for translation

Instead of spending hours on copying and pasting you simply make a few clicks on the Dashboard, and within a minute you will have the entire text exported. It’s as simple as that.

You select which pages to translate and export them to an xml file that you send to Semantix for translation. All html codes are protected and only the relevant text properties are exported for translation.

Semantix translates

Semantix’ subject matter expert translators translate your material using state-of-the-art translation tools. All the translated sentences are stored in a database, called a translation memory. This way you only need to pay for new or updated content next time you want to translate and all repeated content is translated consistently.

In order to further improve your SEO we recommend the use of a terminology database, both when writing and translating. This will boost your linguistic trademark and make your website consistent and easier to navigate.

Import translated content

When Semantix returns the translated material to you, all you need to do is return to the Dashboard, browse to the translated xml file and then click import.

New versions of all the translated pages are generated. No information is lost and all older versions are saved. The import function uses Episerver’s interface for saving and updating pages.

Why Semantix’ translation solution?

Using the Semantix Add-on for Episerver will save

  • time
  • money

… and increase

  • quality
  • consistency
  • SEO

You will gain control since the add-on makes it possible to estimate time and cost before you even start the translation. Unlike other products on the market, our solution is stand-alone, which means you will not be locked into any complicated workflows. Installation is simple, and is performed directly in your Episerver CMS.


Size of web site

Number of pages

Hours saved per language compared to copying and pasting










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