Tietotalo Infocenter Oy

Partner level: Silver partner

Offices in: Espoo

Tietotalo - An expert in digital businesses and services. We help our clients understand the constantly changing digital field and the goals involved in making it in the digital world. Our expertise is available to you when you are planning and implementing your business strategies and solutions. We change your needs into accountable solutions. Making the most out of the possibilities of digital marketing and keeping at the forefront of the developments in the field, is our passion. Our Liki solution gives the digital customer experience a mobile dimension with contextual messages from beacons. With Liki, spaces are transformed into marketing channels and you can always reach you client in the right place and time. Our clients include companies and organisations known to all Finns and our solutions are used by over 2 million Finns regularly. We are there when our clients work with their digital marketing, develop their websites or renew their backup programs. Our clientele consist of large and medium-sized industrial companies; cities, municipalities and educational institutions; as well as tourism and health-care companies. Our team consists of approximately 25 professionals and experts in the IT industry. Our offices are located in Rovaniemi city centre and HTC Keilaniemi in Espoo.

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