Dear Friends

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Dear Friends is a brand new communication agency with a digital focus. And the reason is pretty obvious. We all know that most companies already have, ought to have or will have, an increasingly digital focus in their marketing activities. And we think they’ll appreciate an agency with long-term strategic competence, as well as creative immediate campaign impact. Not to mention, an agency with the manpower and capacity to do the whole job within the agency. At Dear Friends we will also build a corporate culture based on straightforward, down-to-earth values where focus is on friendship. Dear friends are always there for each other and are honest. Dear friends don’t kiss ass – they speak their mind, not necessarily what you want to hear but rather what you need to hear. You trust dear friends. Trust is the foundation for all friendship. And of course, among dear friends, you have fun. You laugh, fool around and sometimes cry together. We think the exact same friendly relationship, can apply to all our future clients. They shall be our dear friends. We believe that frame of mind will be for the best. With, of course, friendly regards, Dear Friends

Offices in: Göteborg


Roger Brovik,
[email protected]

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