Partner level: Gold partner

Offices in: Stockholm

Specialization: CMS

Authority delivers digital solutions that make our customers successful. We ensure that our customers receive the benefit of our employees all enthusiasm and expertise in digital presence, ranging from graphic design, UX investigations, the A / B -tester to intranet and good converting search solutions. We also have extensive experience in e-commerce, and many of our colleagues have been working with EPiServer Commerce. We have worked with solutions on Epi since 1997, and has deep knowledge of the platform, experts are a good way to describe us. It is not uncommon for us to help colleagues in the industry when challenges arise. Authority always look ahead and monitors the rapid digital development, constantly looking for new digital trends that can make life easier, and provide benefits to our customers. The development is in a furious pace and we will continue to find ourselves in the forefront. Our customers operate in all industries, B2C, B2B, government and NGOs.

Customer references

Country: Sweden

Leksands kommun
Country: Sweden

Country: Sweden

SF Studios
Country: Sweden