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Esatto is a digital agency. We are an agency that will help you become a leader on the internet. We design and develop concepts for all digital channels. We want to help our clients strengthen their position based on a digital strategy. We put our pride in building digital solutions that offer a real benefit and that are anchored in the company's overall strategies, targets and visions. We are striving for long relationships as we experienced that many times the real results come after a continuous and long-term cooperation. Technically, we have a strong faith in Microsoft and in particular Episerver. Many of us have worked with Episerver for more than 10 years. Why should you go with Esatto? We are working independent of industry sector and instead we are driven by the challenge that you face. Sure, we should not belittle that the industry knowledge is important, but perhaps even more important is to understand your specific challenges and develop an idea of how you can reach your goals. We do not work with a unique methodology, as a matter of fact it is quite similar to other agencies. The unique thing about Esatto is our colleague. We dare to bet that you will like our deliveries and also have fun along the way!

Offices in: Stockholm, Sundsvall


Magnus Kerner,
[email protected]

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