Partner level: Silver partner

Offices in: Askim

We strive to be the leading company in Gothenburg when it comes to advanced system development in Microsoft .Net. Our main target group is companies that have a need to be able to quickly change and adapt to the prevailing business climate. Our customers can range from larger groups with the need for specialist expertise, industrial companies that want to innovate, retail companies with growth ambitions. Our business concept is to offer our customers fast and efficient development and implementation of new IT solutions that provide concrete, measurable results. During our twenty-year journey, we have developed and developed our process, which we use to help our customers achieve the best results in their web and IT investments. The process, which is built around identified key points and recurring steps, facilitates communication, reduces friction and maximizes efficiency, in the cooperation between us our customers. We work close to our customers. Our ambition is to have long-term relationships that take place year after year both in co-operation and adversity. The way we work is that we have a team division, each team has a captain with a different skills in the team. Each team has a fair number of customers or projects that you take care of. The strength of this is that several employees can the same customer and we can almost always help if needed. Over the years, we have worked out our process that we have chosen to call "Way of Working". This is a hybrid of what is commonly called Agile methods, and processes we identified as optimal to get the best possible results for our customers.