B2B Commerce Cloud capabilities and features

Find out what you can do with Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud. Our solution incorporates the latest advancements in AI and machine learning within our purpose-built solutions to create meaningful experiences your customers can't live without.

Highlighted capabilities

Customer Specific Pricing for B2B

- Master the art and science of customer-specific pricing with a pricing manager that matches your complex needs. 

B2B Commerce Cloud Personalization

- Deliver unique experiences with deep personalization capabilities. Whether your goal is to target end consumers, existing customers, new customers, different personas or a combination of all, you need a solution that can manage the comple …

Catalog Management for B2B

- Catalog Management makes it easier for your customers to find what they're looking for and enables your team to personalize your catalog for your customers. 

B2B Analytics

- Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud Analytics helps your get the big picture by combining sales, customer, user and digital analytics data to create a dynamic perspective of how your online presence is performing alongside your traditional sales. 

Merchandising and Promotions for B2B

- Marketers and Merchandisers are under pressure to maximize sales and profitability, control inventory and successfully manage critical ecommerce channels. Merchandising and Promotions within B2B Commerce Cloud enable them to manage their …

All capabilities

Workflows & Approvals for B2B

- Create unique workflows for researchers, buyers, approvers and more. Ensure they select the correct product, secure the right place and are able to seamlessly manage orders and deliveries with ease and efficiency. 

Shop by Brand & Product for B2B

- Present products on brand-specific landing pages, a separate brand taxonomy or simply use the brand as a filter. However you choose to use it, Shop By Brand will help make it easier for your customers to find what they need to find. 

Search for B2B

- The B2B Commerce Cloud search engine speeds up interactions and creates an overall better search experience for your users. 

Quotes for B2B

- Drive more business and modernize customer interactions with robust quoting capabilities within B2B Commerce Cloud.

Product Configuration for B2B

- Leverage a simplified approach that gives you the power and flexibility to handle multiple types of configured products. 

Portfolio Add-on for B2B

- Episerver Portfolio provides realiable access to digital product catalogs and related sales, marketing and education content in a branded native application. 

PIM Add-on for B2B

- Natively built to integrated with Episerver B2B Commerce Cloud, Episerver PIM allows small teams to quickly setup their catalog and product data requirements and provides functionality to efficiently manage the data acquisition and curati …

Order Management for B2B

- Reduce cost-to-serve and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring crucial components of your business, like order history, invoices, easy reorders, shipping tracking and multiple payment options are intuitive, integrated and easy to use. 

Native Mobile App add-on for B2B

- Whether they're behind a desk or in the field, your team and customers need access to information. With the Episerver Mobile App your people have immediate access to search a product catalog, check order status, checkout and more all at t …

Multisite Management for B2B

- Create any number of websites within a single instance of B2B Commerce Cloud to showcase multiple brands, build industry specific experiences and serve different customer types. Deliver tailored customer experiences out of the box. 

List Management & Quick Order for B2B

- Manage the complex purchasing challenges of the B2B buyer and make it easier for your customers to do business with you. Increase conversions on quotes, order from order history and make it easy to order directly from a list. 

Headless for B2B

- Leverage the all-in-one capabilities of B2B Commerce Cloud or deploy the solution as a headless ecommerce platform, using your own CMS, 3rd party data tools and languages familiar to your developer.

Globalization for B2B

- The B2B Commerce Cloud globalization management system handles the complexities of multi-currency, multi-language, multi-calendar, tax calculations and frieght requirements. 

Cart and Checkout for B2B

- Leverage a powerful rules engine and an architecture designed to integrate into other systems to deliver best-in-class cart & checkout experiences to new and existing customers. 


- Easily create and manage web content for your B2B ecommerce site with an all-in-one web content management system. Need to manage multiple sites? No problem. The B2B CMS is designed to manage many sites from a single instance.

A/B Testing for B2B

- Optimize your B2B ecommerce website with A/B Testing that compares alternate versions of pags to site users and helps you develop a higher-converting website.