B2B Commerce Cloud Integrations

To build a successful B2B ecommerce engine, requires integration with your most important business systems like your ERP, CRM and PIM. Out of the box, Episerver takes care of it all – from ensuring business logic and important data flows from system to system, to providing an architecture that allows you to add in new data sources and integrations so you can configure, not code.

Enterprise Resource Planning

When it comes to B2B ecommerce, integration with your ERP should be a given, not a decision factor, B2B Commerce Cloud is built to tightly integrate with your ERP to enable data flow for business rule enforcement and order processing, and there’s no need for middleware or a third party tool. B2B Commerce Cloud efficiently integrates with common ERPs built by Infor, Microsoft, Epicor, SAP, Oracle, Sage, IFS and others, with quick connectors to some of the most common models. 

Customer Relationship Management

Everything you need to know about your customers often resides in a CRM. Enabling your customers and partners at every stage of their buying journey involves ensuring your CRM and ecommerce systems are interacting properly. Integration between B2B Commerce Cloud and your CRM allows you to analyze customer data and history to recognize patterns and improve segmentation and improve marketing efforts.

Product Information Management

Endless documents, hundreds of digital assets, tons of images. Your PIM controls all of it, enabling you to collect and store information about products, enforce content standards, upload assets and collaborate with contributors all in one place. Purchasing, implementing and maintaining your PIM takes a lot of effort, but integrating it with B2B Commerce Cloud is easy. Integrate with best-in-breed PIM solutions like inRiver, EnterWorks, Informatica or SAP or leverage Episerver’s B2B Commerce Cloud PIM add-on. 

Data Feeds

B2B companies get their product data from various sources. If you’re gathering your product offerings through a data feed like IDEA or AD, you’ll need that information to flow into your ecommerce platform. Episerver makes this simple with data feed connectors and data enrichment partners. 

Payment & Tax

Facing sales tax complexity across product types and jurisdictions? The integration between B2B Commerce Cloud and Payment & Tax technologies helps to reduce the complexity. Episerver’s Payment and Tax integrations allow you to get the most up-to-date tax rates and rules applied in real-time which means higher accuracy and reduced audit risk. Common payment and tax integrations include Avalara, Vertex, CyberSource, Apruve, PayPal, Worldpay, Authorize.net and more. Plus, leverage our single sign-on integration with Billtrust to enable your customers to review and pay their invoices online.  


Leverage B2B Commerce Cloud while transferring customer shopping cart and transactional details back into the appropriate procurement systems. Episerver’s PunchOut integration enables your customers to buy directly from your ecommerce site without leaving their procurement system. Plus, Episerver’s sales ordering automation partners accept orders sent by email and fax and convert them to a cXML for a seamless buying experience.

Freight & Shipping

Buying online is one thing, but what happens after your customer places the order? B2B Commerce Cloud connects to FedEx and UPS, and facilitates flat-rate calculations or LTL shipping. This is also an extension point for other shipping providers. Cart, order, ship – it’s that easy. 

The B2B Commerce Cloud Integration Process

B2B Commerce cloud implementations utilize a number of integration jobs. The integration process is supported through a meta-data driven structure. Refreshes pull data from the integrated system and transcribe it into the B2B Commerce Cloud database for use on the site. Real-time calls are made when Episerver requires an immediate response from another system. Submission calls push data from B2B Commerce Cloud into the business system. Everything is controlled by Episerver – so you don’t have to figure out which jobs to push and pull.  

Integration Methods

  • cXML

    B2B Commerce Cloud has a set of APIs to support PunchOut and cXML integration. cXML is an industry standard electronic business protocol that helps implement automated interaction between various systems. B2B Commerce Cloud leverages cXML for PunchOut integration and processing purchase orders from other systems like OCR providers, EDI transactions, M2M/IoT implementations, or any system that exports basic order information into an XML document.
  • Restful APIs

    B2B Commerce Cloud is built around an API architecture. All B2B Commerce Cloud capabilities are exposed through a set of storefront and administration RESTful APIs including cart management, customer-specific pricing and catalogs, order workflow, customer record updates, product record updates, etc. The APIs account for all the core business logic and reflect the site-specific rules defined via the web based admin console. 

Architected to Connect

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