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Take digital data-driven marketing to the next level

OaaS optimizes your digital touch points by testing, targeting and recommending content or products to create the ultimate digital experience for your customers

The strengths of Optimization as a Service

How to get started with Optimization as a Service

Gain the competitive advantage of experience optimization with a unified suite of capabilities.

Optimization-as-a-Service is available for:

  • Any website or CMS
  • Content Cloud Customers
  • Commerce Cloud Customers

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Key features of Optimization as a Service


Build sophisticated personalization strategies to target the customers most likely to convert with our real-time behavioral targeting, 3rd party integrations and AI-based segments.

Behavioral targeting
Find shoppers interested in specific products or content, buyers from a Facebook ad, or combine custom-built segments to increase the relevance of your messaging and run better campaigns.

Omnichannel integrations
Unify customer data and activate customers everywhere via one-click integrations with 50+ popular sources.

Human + Machine
Artificial intelligence with your audience to fill in gaps, recommend the next best steps, and scale individual personalization.


Make data-driven experiences by testing the aesthetic of your website. Identify patterns in your design that customers respond to so you can increase your desired outcomes.

Experiment with freedom
A/B testing, multivariate testing and multi-armed bandit testing all possible with OaaS.

World's fastest experiments
Create with clicks not code to reduce high-cost customer interactions, coversion rates and make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Run the perfect test
Testing and targeting work in sync so your tests find the right audience, and so do your results.


Our AI-powered content and product recommendations deliver personalized experiences to each visitor based on their unique interests to acceleratate each customer's path to purchase.

Extend your capabilities
Accelerate results with machine learning or take the wheel with an intuitive interface without help from IT.

Put the right product, content or functionality in front of the right person at the right time at scale.

Synchronized customer experienes
Eliminate conflicting signals and guesswork with a unified experience optimization platform.

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