Digital Experience Platform Intelligence Cloud Retargeting Content Recommendations

Extend content recommendations into your retargeting strategy to drive conversions.

Retargeting Content Recommendations delivers individually-tailored relevance to your visitors, driving up the number of conversions and lowering the cost.

What Retargeting Content Recommendations can do for you

Key features of Retargeting Content Recommendations

1:1 recommendations​

Each next bestcontent decision is made at the individual level based on a visitor's unique interest profile. As their interests change, so do the recommendations, which means your retargeting always stay relevant​.

Automated process​es

Predictions are pushed into your retargeting system automatically via audience lists, and visitors are moved from list to list automatically without manual setup. Save hundreds of hours by no longer setting up campaigns manually after initial onboarding.​

Your ads, your brand​

Real-time information pushed automatically into your retargeting system doesn't take away your control over budget, audience and timing for ads. It just removes the burden of deciding who gets each message.

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The ability to derive and use interest profiles on our customers allows us to tailor our retargeting to each person and greatly improve advertising efficiency.

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