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Your growth depends on how well you know your customers and how quickly you can adapt. Episerver Content Cloud gives you the tools to scale your business to the next level.
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Episerver Content Cloud - AI-based CMS

What's included in Content Cloud

Our best-in-class CMS has the tools you need to quickly create new pages and experiences. Add advanced features for personalization and recommendations to increase engagement even more.

CMS features to help you work faster

Episerver Content Cloud enables you to drag-and-drop content to quickly create new digital experiences that are automatically responsive. Our CMS is a leader in both Forrester and Gartner analyst reports.

Easy authoring

Drag and drop content, blocks and images to quickly create new pages. Edit and preview for all kinds of devices, with full support for responsive and adaptive design.

Smart media management

Episerver loves media. We give you the tools to manage your media alongside all your other content with ease, confidence and accuracy.

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Automatic A/B testing

Take the complexity out of testing. Our A/B testing automatically chooses the text, headlines or images that perform best.

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Search & Navigation

Our enterprise search solution enables search terms to be found across all levels of your website. It can also dynamically build landing pages based on user search terms.

  • Guided search

    Help visitors to their goal quicker with autocomplete, search-as-you-type, “did you mean” suggestions.

  • Content indexing

    Our built-in crawler technology indexes all kinds of information to make your content easily searchable.

  • Behavioral boosting

    By tracking visitor search queries and conversion behavior, our search gets smarter the more it is used.

Episerver Search and Navigation

Episerver Content Recommendations

Add our content recommendations feature to your solution to personalize experiences with AI. Engage each individual with content based on profiles, behavior and predictive analytics.

Automatic personalization

Episerver automatically selects content for each visitor based on their visitor profile, interest or role.

Sequenced content

Episerver presents personalized content based on where the visitor is on their customer journey.

Instantly personalized

Episerver uses contextual data, such as ad clicks and geolocation, to personalize content on landing pages.

Episerver Analytics

Our analytics give you a complete overview of visitor behavior and help you discover new segments.

  • Actionable insights

    Episerver’s analytics automatically captures data to deliver a complete overview of visitor behavior.

  • Omnichannel tracking

    See data on personal preferences and campaign engagement for every visitor across multiple channels.

  • Add third-party data

    Personalize even more by adding third-party data from CRM, ERP and marketing automation systems.

Episerver Analytics and Tracking

Episerver, offering a broad product portfolio for content management and digital commerce, has been positioned as a Leader in the report for the fifth year in a row.

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