A developer-friendly CMS

Episerver reduces developer training and adoption obstacles by providing deep, native integration with the tools and platforms developers are already familiar with. Episerver fits seamlessly into most developers' existing workflow and toolset.

Native MVC Architecture

The Episerver platform uses Microsoft standards for .NET MVC development. This means there’s no complex conventions for developing Episerver solutions. Developers can also easily define content objects using strongly-typed, code-first content modeling, without the need of any design tool, XML mapping files, or autogenerated code.

Headless Content API

The Episerver Content Delivery API and Content Management API allow you to use Episerver's CMS platform as coupled, decoupled, and headless architecture, so you can easily control and edit all your content for all your applications from one Episerver instance.

Design Agnostic Platform

Episerver doesn't apply any restrictions or influence on your front-end development. Build Episerver applications using Angular, React, Vue or whichever framework you prefer. Having a great API for delivering content across channels and technologies means you can focus on reaching more customers and take advantage of fit-for-purpose technologies.

Continuous Releases

We deliver updates to our main products and deploy updates to our multi-tenant services on a weekly basis. The benefits are apparent: partners get access to new improved versions immediately and customers can add new functionality to their solutions as they hit the market.

Compatibility with DevOps

Episerver fits in nicely with your agile development team, and works with software that provides continuous integration and continuous delivery. You can quickly deploy Episerver sites to a distributed infrastructure that supports availability and scalability. Read more

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