Improve long-tail traffic with automatic landing pages

Attracting visitors to your website has now become a whole lot easier. Episerver’s platform extends the reach of your content by grouping it together around key topics for your business. These groups are automatically presented as Google-friendly landing pages in response to a long-tail search.

How automatic landing pages work

Episerver Digital Experience Cloud allows you to use tags to create targeted landing pages. This means that you do not need to go through and create landing pages for every possible variation of what people might be searching for on your site.

You simply tag your pages with different themes as you create them, then the Episerver search engine presents these pages as one landing page for any given topic.

The result? Higher search rankings and relevance.

This is your opportunity – don’t miss it

  • Optimize your content for higher-converting long-tail traffic.
  • Build traffic and conversions on pages you don’t even have to build.
  • Deliver all of your most contextually relevant content to your organic visitors.

Automatic landing pages combine common single-word searches with contextual phrases. This enables your organization to deliver pages that are extremely relevant to the visitor’s search.

A web user searching for “banks” is most likely looking for an image. A similar user searching for “banks in Chicago”, however, is looking for a place to take their business. This is your opportunity to deliver. Don’t miss it.

Benefits of Episerver’s automatic landing pages

  • Tag based aggregation

    Advanced, tag-based content aggregation and filtering.

  • SEO for long-tail search queries

    Addresses key organic search terms for your long-tail traffic.

  • Instantaneous results

    Episerver Find provides incredibly fast results.

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