Team productivity with immediate results

Are your projects slow to get moving and difficult to green light? Do you email files back and forth, and then struggle to get the right version approved and published? Episerver’s team and project collaboration gives marketing teams the tools they need to become faster and more effective.

Everything about your campaigns, managed in one place

  • Launch a campaign

    Gather all your content, product and media assets in one place. Preview and publish them with one click, or schedule it for later.

  • Make a major content change

    For big changes, you can edit everything on your site without it affecting visitors or other teams – until you’re ready to go live.

  • Collaborate and get approval

    Communicate with your team in Episerver and avoid the mailbox meltdown. And send an entire campaign for approval with just one click.

The easiest way to collaborate on projects and campaigns

Digital transformation is about more than strategies and technologies, it is also about people. How you coordinate your team’s work plays a key role in whether you succeed or fail.

Episerver solves this with built-in project collaboration for campaigns and other projects. This enables your team to collaborate directly, including assigning tasks, threaded comments, reviewing changes, and approvals.

Our solution has been independently proven to be more efficient and productive than competing systems. This means you can realize your ideas faster and smarter.

A content approval workflow that doesn’t get in your way

Whether you need approval for regulatory compliance, liability reasons, or just because you would like a second opinion, Episerver’s content approval workflow helps you get it faster.

Four great features with Episerver

  1. Streamline workflows and enable cross-team collaboration
  2. Set up cascading or per-item approval processes
  3. Enforce governance processes without sacrificing productivity
  4. Remove the need for error-prone and time-consuming copying between staging and production environments.
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