Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ Service

An outstanding digital experience that simply works. With our Digital Experience Cloud™ Service, you get elastic scale, super high speed, robust security, and a managed service with expert support. All with no big, up-front investment.

Embrace new opportunities

With our Cloud Service, you pay only for the needs you have today, but are ready to grow in an instant. You no longer have to invest in and carefully plan your IT infrastructure all at once, but can adapt to new opportunities as they arise.

With just one partner managing the entire delivery, everything is simple, fast and effective.

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4 reasons our Cloud Service is amazing

  1. Launch experiences faster: new brands, new sites, new markets
  2. Add capabilities when you are ready
  3. Access new platform features via continuous releases
  4. Pay as you go – no up-front investments

Capacity: Always flexible

Can you handle your incoming traffic? With the Digital Experience Cloud Service, your customers receive great service anywhere, anytime.

What you used to do

  • Overcompensate for worst-case scenarios
  • Risk customer dissatisfaction if architecture estimate is wrong
  • Make large up-front investments for unused capacity

4 reasons why our Cloud Service is amazing

  1. Handle sudden traffic spikes or seasonal variations
  2. Hands-off scaling around the clock
  3. Pay only for what you use
  4. Guaranteed availability with market-leading application SLA

Speed: Always fast

Is your digital experience fast enough? Our Digital Experience Cloud Service™ delivers content to screen in no time.

What you used to do

  • Optimize your web platform for speed
  • Place servers close to your main markets
  • Contract with and configure a content delivery network

4 reasons why our Cloud Service is amazing

  1. A platform that’s highly optimized out of the box
  2. Global computing power with edge content delivery
  3. Monthly performance reports and expert advice on fine-tuning your site
  4. 365/24/7 monitoring and support

Security: Always strong

How do you mitigate risks that are beyond your control? With our Digital Experience Cloud Service™, protecting your organization is easy. 

What you used to do

  • Worry about heterogeneous systems
  • Coordinate with different vendors and suppliers on security practices
  • Try to thwart denial-of-service attacks

4 reasons why our Cloud Service is amazing

  1. Proven security processes with enforcement of duty separation
  2. Standardized, up-to-date platform that minimizes security weaknesses
  3. Extraordinarily strong DDoS mitigation features
  4. 365/24/7 access to expert Managed Services team

Digital Experience Cloud Service™ – 10 facts

  1. Digital marketing, commerce and enterprise search in a single cloud service
  2. Unlimited websites with separate visual appearance, content
  3. Elastic scaling without manual intervention
  4. 365/24/7 monitoring, support and maintenance
  5. A content delivery network
  6. Full-stack redundancy, backup, and disaster recovery
  7. Unique application-level SLA
  8. Governance with managed deployment
  9. Digital Experience Hub™ Connectors and open API
  10. Full customizability using Visual Studio

Find out which Cloud Service package best meets your needs 

The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ allows us to focus on what’s important – creating a dynamic website that’s collaborative with our existing systems and processes – and Episerver takes care of the rest.

Jim O’Grady, Director of Development, PIRCH