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Episerver Content Recommendations

Episerver Content Recommendations Add Content Recommendations to your platform to personalize content for each visitor. It automatically predicts the interests and intent of every individual to deliver hyper-relevant, engaging content. (Formerly Episerver Advance)

Personalized content for every visitor, every time

The right message for every buyer

With so many content assets, it’s challenging to present the right message to the right person across all interactions. With our AI-generated interest profiles and predictive recommendations you can keep site visitors better engaged. Whether they are a known or anonymous visitor, Content Recommendations helps you shorten the path to conversion.

  • Predictive recommendations

    Automatically generate recommendations based on an understanding of each customer’s unique interests and your content assets. No manual updates required.

  • Personalized from the first page view

    Episerver uses contextual data, such as ad clicks, geolocation, and organization affiliation, to present relevant content on start pages and content listings.

  • Intuitive, guided navigation

    From the first content selection, visitors are quickly able to drill down into large content repositories thanks to Episerver’s intuitive guided navigation.

  • Recommend popular content

    Keep visitors engaged and on your site with content recommendations based on newness and popularity.

How to make content smart

Organizations strive to deliver more personalized experiences at every stage of the customer journey. Instead of time-consuming rules-based personalization, Episerver Content Recommendations uses artificial intelligence to deliver the right content at the right time for every single visitor. The solution selects content based on the visitor’s profile, interests and real-time behavior, and on the popularity of all content.

Episerver uses cookies and browser technologies for analytics, personalized content and ads.