Episerver Fall ’16

Episerver Fall ’16 marks the announcement of two new products, new platform capabilities, and security and productivity enhancements across the platform.

New product: Episerver Perform

Part of Episerver Personalization, Episerver Perform offers omnichannel personalization that use machine learning to create a truly individualized experience, on the web, in email, and in store.

  • 3rd generation personalization technology
  • Product recommendations for web and email
  • Behavioral triggers for individually timed messages

Episerver Perform is available to order for all Episerver Commerce customers, including Digital Experience Cloud Service and on-premise deployments.

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New Product: Episerver Social

Episerver Social is the cloud micro-service to manage and deliver community-generated content that drive revenue and loyalty.

  • Gather and display ratings and reviews for products and services.
  • Curate community-generated content to increase engagement and brand credibility.
  • API-first approach avoids bloat often associated with social platforms, with the reliability and performance of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

Episerver Social is available to order for all Digital Experience Cloud Service customers, for both Episerver CMS and Episerver Commerce.

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New feature: Content approval

New in the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud platform, you can now quickly set up content approval processes to ensure quality and compliance.

  • Streamline workflow and enable cross-team collaboration
  • Set up cascading or per-item approval processes
  • Enforce governance processes without sacrificing productivity

Digital Experience Cloud Service updates

Updates to the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service further increase Episerver's leadership in cloud delivery to ensure the highest level of availability and performance.

  • Web application firewall now included for increase security and simplified PCI DSS compliance
  • Optional web vulnerability scanning that detect and protects against a wide variety of flaws, including SQL, LDAP, XPATH and NoSQL injections, Cross Site Scripting flaws, broken session management, remote code and command execution, and malware
  • New regional deployment model that allows for even higher availability and future data center redundancy
  • Extended backup and retention – now includes 35 days of backup
  • New version of the ImageVault asset management add-on for Digital Experience Cloud Service

Productivity enhancements

Already a leader in usability and productivity, we are happy to announce that we have made a number of improvements across the platform to make you even more productive. 

  • An improved user interface to manage product inventory
  • Easier and quicker asset management
  • A/B test anything – uniquely test content, products, and blocks, all with a slick new user interface
  • New discounts and campaigns for Episerver Commerce
  • Refinements for exporting content and data


LivePerson chat 

LiveEngage from LivePerson is a chat capability for ecommerce and web sites that gives Episerver customers a way to communicate directly with website visitors through a chat, increasing sales and customer satisfaction and loyalty. With a full back end agent interface that provides usage statistics and sentiment analysis, you get excellent insights into the needs of your customers.

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Additional updates

  • A new knowledge base to help customers get quick answers to frequently asked technical questions
  • A new version for Ektron customers with updates for search and browser compatibility
  • Performance and relvancy improvements to Episerver Find