Find out what you can do with Episerver Intelligence Cloud. Our solution incorporates the latest advancements in AI and machine learning within our purpose-built solutions to drive tangible business value.

Highlighted capabilities

Optimization as a Service

- Unify your experience optimization into one solution with OaaS from Optimizely. Target, test and recommend better digital experiences.

Web Product Recommendations

- Increase revenue and average order values with Episerver Product Recommendations. Our advanced personalization uses AI to analyze real-time behavior to increase upsells and cross-sells. (Formerly Episerver Perform)

Web Content Recommendations

- Add Content Recommendations to your platform to personalize content for each visitor. It automatically predicts the interests and intent of every individual to deliver hyper-relevant, engaging content. (Formerly Episerver Advance)

Content Intelligence

- Gain a real-time understanding of the content you have at a granular level, why it engages your visitors, and prescriptive guidance on how to optimize the ROI of your content strategy.

Email Product Recommendations

- Send personalized emails and messages triggered by real-time events. Our solution uses artificial intelligence to personalize recommendations and content, and to enrich your CRM data. (Formerly Episerver Reach)

Personalized Product Search & Navigation

- Personalized Product Search & Navigation learns from aggregated search data across the site and combines it with each visitor's real-time behavior to continually optimize suggestions and search results.

Email Content Recommendations

- Extend 1:1 content recommendations into your email service provider of choice to deliver personalized messages to each recipient. Improve email performance KPIs like click-through rate without manual effort.

All capabilities

Optimizely Data Platform

- Optimizely Data Platform is the only customer data platform that unifies customer data with contextual business data for real-time omnichannel activation.

Visitor Intelligence

- Get a complete overview of visitor behavior with Visitor Intelligence. This capability automatically captures visitor data to deliver insights on individual visits, customer segments and buying journeys. (Formerly Episerver Insight)

Retargeting Content Recommendations

- Use Retargeting Content Recommendations to deliver hyper-relevant content to previous visitors across multiple channels.