Lead gen software for the modern marketer

Attract more visitors. Engage them with personalized content. And convert them using smart forms and one-click A/B testing. Episerver is the platform of choice for modern lead generation marketers.

Benefits of using Episerver for lead generation

  • Attract more organic traffic

    Make it easy for potential buyers doing research online to find you. With our automatic landing pages, you will efficiently attract long-tail organic search traffic in competitive industries.

  • Create smart content campaigns

    Effortlessly create, preview and publish lead gen campaigns with multiple landing pages by dragging and dropping content, buttons, forms and media to build pages just the way you want them.

  • Deliver the right message to the right visitor

    Use our autonomous personalization to tailor content for your visitors based on their demographics, interests and the way they interact with your content.

Simplify the customer journey with Episerver

Episerver makes it easy to deliver an engaging, friction-free experience to your customers. From first contact through to conversion and customer service. Find out how.


  • Quickly launch content initiatives and campaigns with smart team collaboration and workflows.
  • Use Episerver’s automatic landing pages to efficiently attract long-tail organic search traffic.
  • Content marketing – our marketer-centric authoring experience streamlines your content management.


  • Use our autonomous personalization to tailor content for your visitors based on their demographics, interests and the way they interact with your content.
  • Adaptive content – automatically displays relevant content for different target audiences.
  • Nurture leads with email automation – connectors to leading platforms.


  • Quickly create landing pages by dragging and dropping buttons, forms and media, which automatically fit into place.
  • Powerful forms that are connected to your lead database, fully customizable.
  • Progressive profiling and personalization of forms intelligently enriches your lead data without friction.


  • Customer service optimization with self-help resources, FAQ.
  • Easily build customer portals fully integrated into your digital experience.
  • Open APIs for connectivity to backend systems, open authentication support.

4 steps to simplify customer experience

With all the talk about customer experience today, it’s easy to lose sight of what it really means. What it means is this: when you fail to provide a good experience for your customers, you will lose them and money due to disloyalty.

Learn from our experts how you can provide a better customer experience. We also share how you can easily improve customer experiences using Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

Download our Digital Experience Guide

Features for successful lead generation

  • Automatic landing pages

    Episerver extends the reach of your content by grouping it together around key topics for your business. These groups are automatically presented as Google-friendly landing pages in response to a long-tail search.

  • Personalization

    Episerver collects and aggregates behavioral data to help you build a clearer picture of your customers. Then it engages them with an optimized individual experience.

  • Marketing Automation

    Episerver provides a complete solution for digital marketers who want to combine the power of Episerver Digital Experience Cloud with industry-leading marketing and CRM platforms.

A 50% increase in leads

We want to be seen as experts in our industry, and we’re accomplishing that with Episerver. That’s what I love about the solution.

Tom Kehoe, Creative Services Manager, Midtronics