Episerver Find for Ektron

Supercharge your Ektron platform

With Episerver Find, we created a new way to present products and content. Increased organic search traffic, higher visitor engagement and a lift in conversions are the results. Now, we introduce Episerver Find for Ektron – a small step to install, but a giant leap in value.


Search that delivers business results

Learn about the relevance engine that help you attract, engage and convert visitors into customers.

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Drive more traffic with Automatic Landing Pages

Providing relevant, search engine optimized content and product landing pages for all search queries has up until now been a laborious task. Episerver turns search queries into highly relevant landing pages with advanced tagging and faceting technology, setting your content and product information free from rigid site structure. You can quickly create high volumes of landing pages that are consistently updated to reflect the best products or content for any relevant global search term.

  • 1
    Spend less than two seconds tagging your content once it is being created and it will immediately be available for retrieval on any automatically generated page.
  • 2
    Combine the criteria of your choice to build super targeted landing pages faster than ever before.
  • 3
    Simplify SEO and outsmart the competition by going after relevant long tail keywords for a large number of automatically generated pages.

Customer spotlight:
Revolutionized campaign creation

Episerver has revolutionized the way Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ work with landing pages and campaigns.

— What really delights us is the ability for us to deliver custom landing pages very quickly. For instance, we might want to produce a page with a list of ‘Italian lake’ hotels for an email campaign. Previously, we would have to pick out hotels manually, but now we can set a few criteria and in a short time have a complete landing page. That ability alone has saved us about 70% of the time it takes to create a new campaign. 

Kurt Allen, Director of E-Commerce
Small Luxury Hotels of the World™

Amplify visitor engagement with Adaptive Navigation

Using visitor segments, you can show your content and products up front – always updated, always relevant. Previously you would depend on the internal structure that marketers and merchandizers use to manage content and products. Now, you can create engaging pages that are tailored to each visitor. Additionally, Episerver will improve the customer experience by recommending related content or products to visitors automatically. This will keep the visitor engaged, and maximize the chance of a conversion. Dead ends? They will be a thing of the past.

  • 1
    Leverage the out of out the box audience segments in Episerver to present selected, relevant content based on tagging.
  • 2
    Empower your visitors to access content using any path they prefer, using our unique multi-dimensional navigation.
  • 3
    Increase engagement by surfacing content to users based on their browsing behavior.

Boost conversions with Guided Search

Let your visitors help you boost your conversions rates. The more you listen to their intentions, the better you can serve their needs, and the search box is the right place to begin. Use autocomplete, related queries and behavioral ranking to boost search relevancy and accelerate your visitors’ path to conversion. Episerver learns from past behavior, and continually optimize suggestions and search results. Thanks to the advanced ranking methods visitors get results that are spot-on. And the result for you? Supercharged conversion rates.

  • 1
    Listen to your visitors and make sure pages with high click-throughs are shown more often.
  • 2
    Guide your visitors along their journey with smart autocomplete. Episerver learns and adapts from your visitors behavior so your search box is getting smarter by the day.
  • 3
    Empower editors and marketer to optimize the experience by adding synonyms or best bets for selected search queries.

Customer Spotlight: Search increases conversions for Lernia

How does your on-site search stack up? The leading training and staffling company Lernia reviewed their web statistics, and learned that the conversion rate for visitors that use on-site search is more than double that of non-search users. It’s easy to find out – just head into your web analytics tool of choice and see for yourself! 

Solve your business needs, today

Supercharge your Ektron platform

Episerver Find delivers highly relevant, personalized and search engine optimized content, along with market-leading search performance.

Optimize acquisition and conversion

Acquiring organic traffic and optimizing visitor journeys are two key challenges that Episerver Find help you solve.

Reduce maintenance costs

Episerver Find SaaS requires no on-premise servers – less hardware and software to maintain, monitor and upgrade.

Search and relevancy is at the core of Episerver

Episerver is built around a relevant visitor experience – Episerver Find offers many of the benefits of the converged platform, right now.


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